We established this company to Get More for our clients and get them what they deserve.

Out of pure frustration and disbelief at the way some dealerships out there do business, and the hassle of trying to sell vehicles privately – never mind the risk involved – we have established a new way of selling your vehicle to achieve a win for you. We have vowed to change the way vehicles are being traded, bought and sold. Finally, our clients have options. Sure, someone can come to you to pay you under trade for your car and then sell it over retail, or you can trade it in for a fraction of what it’s worth – either way you never receive what your vehicle is worth.

Maybe you could sell it privately and ensure the best returns at close to retail - But how ?

What we do:

We advertise your car while you drive it, 0 risk, 0 investment, 0 liability, 0 effort. We advertise the vehicle across all major advertising platforms, we handle the prospective clients on your vehicle, we vet the prospects and ensure finance and affordability in a safe and secure location, settle outstanding finance, License and register the vehicle alongside roadworthy, we provide concrete advice and ensure you get what you deserve. We work for you! Finally, eliminate the time, money and effort spent trying to sell your car yourself…. never mind the risk involved.
It’s simple. It’s Easy. It’s Finally here.

Why we do it:

• Get retail not trade. • Help eliminate shortfalls. • Get out of vehicles over a shorter period. • Eliminate residual values. • Avoid loadings. • Get validated mechanically checked vehicles and honest evaluations. • Safe & secure.

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